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Speaker Pelosi on Health Care Reform and Medic...

Search Entrepreneurs – Health Care Hiring Boom Projected To Continue, Regardless of Law

Healthcare recruiters are sitting in a good seat, as more news of the growth in their niche continues to be reported on.  Kaiser Health News just delivered a report basically stating that whether healthcare reform laws stay in tact or not, demands in healthcare and health-care employment will continue to grow.  Read the full post as it was picked up by TLNT.

We won’t take the time here to debate the pros and cons of healthcare reform, but baby boomers ARE getting older, and the demand is continuing to grow as we have anticipated all along.  Much of the data and statistics reported are straight from the Department of Labor‘s own numbers, and these are some hefty number no matter how you slice them.

With this demand comes the obvious need for recruiting services, and as…

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7 Strategies to Stop Procrastinating

HR Perspectives

Have you ever had an idea or theory that went against prevailing wisdom, but you knew it would work, anyway?  This is one of those ideas!

Today’s idea is sharing the bulk of your planned interview questions with the candidate in advance (i.e., when the interview is scheduled) — instead of springing questions on them under the “hot lights” of the interview setting.  The goal is to put the candidate in a position to tell you the most relevant information about their skills — avoiding a game of “gotcha” where the most quick-witted (but not necessarily most skilled) candidates beat out the reticent (but possibly more qualified) candidates every time.

Is “Only Extraverts Need Apply” A Good Plan? (No).

My good friend and colleague, Bill, is fond of saying, “We stand from where we sit.”  I’m not sure if this is really a southern expression or just something he made up —…

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Skype interviews are becoming more and more common these days. Here are some excellent tips for “Mastering A Video Interview” I found in a blog posting.


With the price of airline tickets skyrocketing, many companies are choosing to utilize video conferencing and Skype to interview potential new hires.  There are many pro’s to this method but there are also just as many pitfalls to avoid.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the lighting is good in the room that you will be sitting- bad lighting can make you look like a shadowy sinister figure
  • Make sure you look directly into the camera on your laptop or desktop and not the person’s face on your monitor- this gives a shifty impression.  It takes a little practice so I always do a practice Skype run with my candidates to make sure they see the difference.  Call someone you know on Skype and do a practice run
  • Your backdrop is very important as well- sit in an area of your house or office with no distracting…

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Some great advice on the power of Networking, and some mistakes to avoid!

Recruiting In Healthcare

The difference between networking and not working is just ONE letter. It’s a hard fact that in today’s job market, networking is vital to success. Which means getting yourself out there, making introductions and shaking hands is non-negotiable. In Joe Sweeney’s thoughtfully written book, we are reminded that “The Wall Street Journal reported that 94 percent of successful job hunters claimed that networking made all the difference for them.” In fact, 60-90 percent of jobs are found through friends, relatives, and direct contacts—not recruiting agencies or classifieds. It seems the old adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know” has sizable grain of truth:  according to the U.S. Department of Labor, nearly two-thirds of all workers found their current job because they “knew someone”.


Networking is key to staying top of mind if you’re currently employed and absolutely critical if you’re unemployed. Joe Sweeney pithily…

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