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Top 5 Ways To Alienate People On Twitter

Top 5 Ways To Alienate People On Twitter

The worst thing you can do on Twitter is appear robotic…

Twitter is a medium tailor made for interaction, but some people – either through a lack of time or motivation – have started to abuse it.
Here are our Top 5 Ways To Alienate People On Twitter:
  1. Auto-respond to new followers – Instantly firing back an auto respond message to new followers isn’t a good idea. A lot like point #3, it makes you seem thoughtless and distant. Whenever I receive an auto welcome from someone I am following it feels completely hollow, primarily because it is…
    SOLUTION:Remove any auto-responder tools you use and thank new followers organically and in your own off the cuff words.|
  2. Carpet bomb – Don’t tweet a series of links in the space of one minute. There is nothing worse than finding your entire timeline hijacked by someone’s tweets. The dull thud…thud…thud… of  25 job Tweets machine-gunned in quick succession can be infuriating. Not only does carpet bombing your timeline seem aggressive but the reaction from the Twitterati will be the  exact opposite of what you want. People will turn away from your tweets, and are less likely to click on them…
    SOLUTION: Use a tool like Hootsuite which allows you to schedule your tweets and space them in a sober manner.
  3.  Use TrueTwit– This is a service which makes all new followers prove they are human by filling in a Captcha code. Not only can it can be time consuming if you cannot read the code properly and have to request a new one, but from a mobile device the process can be nigh on impossible. TrueTwit is so against some of the basic principles of Twitter (social sharing, open lines of communication, and to a certain extent trust) that I am already prejudiced against someone that uses it. As this post by Brian on Anocial says:“What kind of trust do we instill if we are automatically distrustful of those who follow us?”
    : Trust is one of the keystones on twitter. If you don’t trust that a majority of people on Twitter are not using it for nefarious spammy reasons then you shouldn’t be on there in the first place. Ditch TrueTwit and accept your followers naturally, as Twitter intended.
  4. Post the same thing again…and again…and again – Yes, Twitter is about recycling opinions but posting the same staid, dull links to the same staid, dull posts is committing Twitter harakiri. Simply posting the headline of your blog followed by a link can often be too simplistic too and will attract few clicks.
    SOLUTION: Try posting a choice quote from your blog to liven your tweets up. Posting predictable and robotic tweets is the equivalent of turning up to a fancy dress party in a dull grey suit and expecting people to flock to you and hang on your every word.
  5. PLEEEAAASE! – If people retweet your content it’s a sign that they value your tweets enough to share them with their followers. Begging for a retweet from the great and the good on Twitter comes off as extremely desperate, and any RT will look like it has come under duress, not because they actually enjoy what you’re saying.
    SOLUTION: Patience. Building a base of followers is a slow process, and you shouldn’t grab for results too soon. Trying to jump start your Twitter account by pleading for RTs looks very bad.

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